Non-avocado toast toppings

If you switch to a plant-based diet, avocado toast is going to become a major part of your meal planning!  For me, it became a major part of my life – I got pretty excited about how it gave me a wholesome energy boost, but still tasted like a decadent treat.  The process of making it went from simply dolloping mashed avocado on to the toast to an elaborate affair with spring onions, coriander, two kinds of chili, capers, lemon juice, lemon zest and homemade dukkah .  It was elevated to an art form.

Until I just couldn’t face another slice!

So, what do I put on my toast now instead?  Here are a few ideas…

Here’s the link to my date paste method


I’ll post the method for lentil stew and dukkah in separate blog posts.

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